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Invested in Building Relationships to be Bold in the Journey

Be invested in building relationships because relationships make the journey better. You are not designed to go it alone. You aren’t called to stand on your own. We are called to go together and together we are stronger and bolder.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

February 6, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Being Invested in Building Relationships for a Bolder Walk

Being invested in building relationships creates a foundation for growing possibilities. After all, it is all about relationships. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are going, relationships make you stronger for the going.

Today, social media provides an opportunity to be invested in building relationships. It also creates somewhat of a barrier to allow for bolder sharing. After all, they can’t really see you so it’s okay to say what needs to be said.

That can be a blessing, and a curse, depending on how it’s used.

I’ve tried to use it to be more open and honest about my journey. It seems easier at times to just tell it like it is if I know I don’t have to talk to you at the grocery store tomorrow.

Someone asked me how much to reveal when writing and I told her to write naked – not like literally naked, but metaphorically naked. “Be honest and reveal your heart and you will create words that touch hearts.”

My goal has always been to be that open and honest when sharing. At least, I thought that had been my goal.

The other day, I sent a query to what I thought was an online magazine. Truth be told, I got caught up in the opportunity to share and didn’t think much about the how or the why. I wrote the article on a topic I hadn’t felt comfortable sharing on my website and hit send.

Later, I saw another call to submit to the same location and realized it was not an online magazine but a branch of the online state paper.

My name, my picture, and my bio were connected to the article and there was no turning back now. My heart skipped a beat. Did I really want everyone knowing my business? If I had known where it was going to be shared them maybe I would have held back.

And it hit me, right in the middle of that thought. If I want to build relationships that encourage and support others in their journey then I can’t hold back. It will be scary because not everyone will approve. Some people may even say negative things about me.

But people are going to do what people are going to do. If I hold back from sharing because of those people I may miss the opportunity to connect with a heart that needs it.

Dare to be all of the unique you that you are and you will dare to grow up relationships that make the investment worth the effort.

Share for Building Relationships

If you hold back from being all that you are you are only stealing the possibilities that belong to that you.

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  • Share what you share in a way that you would share with anyone. If it’s not something you would share with anyone then it’s not something to share online – even if the online medium is what you think is a women’s magazine. Once it is online, it is available to everyone so share that way.
  • Share the truth – but you don’t have to share the whole truth. There are ways to get around details that are too uncomfortable or too exposed to share in all situations. Allow your exposed writing to be creatively exposed.
  • Share with a purpose and not just to tell your story. There needs to be good news or a good purpose to go with a hard or uncomfortable story.
  • Share in a way that is a little scary. When you are doing something new or unexpected, it can be scary and maybe it should be scary because it’s unknown. Dare to do something bigger than where you are by sharing more than you have shared before.
  • Share in a way that is unique to you because you are unique. Others may have a similar story and others may have told their story, but you are the only one that can tell your story in your way. Be willing to reveal your perspective.

Sharing invests in others. Investing in others creates the foundation for being invested in building relationships. We need relationships because we are designed to be in relationships and together we are stronger and bolder for the journey.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - building relationships

Building Relationships

Reach out to one person today.
Share with an open, honest, and positive focus.

The more you share, the more you will be positioned to share. It takes practice to step out int that place of exposure. But the genuine connections created through sharing will be worth the step.

Quote of the Day

“The things you share, the words you send out, and the smile you give may be the very thing a heart needs to make it through.” – Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Leviticus 21 – 24
1 Chronicles 1 – 5
Ezekiel 17 – 20
Proverbs 6

Scripture Focus - Proverbs 6:23

Scripture Focus:

“The commandment is a lamp. The Law is Light. Corrections and discipline are the way of life.” – from Proverbs 6:23

Ponder Point:

You don’t have to walk blindly on this journey. God provides a lamp to your feet and a guide for your life. Keep Him and His Word the focus and you will stay on track.

Share Moment:

How does the Word right your way?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

To walk in faith, you have to shift your focus from what the world shows you to what God has promised.

What has God promised for your walk?

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