A Shift in Focus

My plans crashed around me. I confess that I had left out an important part of building any type of success, so the crash did not shock me too much. I wrapped myself up in my own problems and needs and forgot about the people around me. I talked a good talk, but my follow through was pathetic.

The only path to true success begins with a focus on helping others achieve their success.

This morning I started my day a little different. I sit here watching the sun come up over the mountain shining down on the amazing colors filling the woods, and I have been reading an story given to me by a friend. Helping her with her journey helps me with my own.

The next step will be to attack some of the submissions sent to the paper where I write. I remember my own fascination with my name in print and I am hopeful that I will be able to give that feeling to others.

Some time to visiting a few websites. I have to be careful in my surfing, or it will become a form of procrastination. But I am targeting my visits. Steve, over at Heavy Metal Cowboy, reminded me about my purpose to serve. Commenting on websites and linking to those websites gives a boost to others without expectation of a personal return. That is the heart of service.

Now I realize that helping others not only change my focus, but it moves me along. I am doing things and doing is a big part of reaching my success. I challenge you to find someone else to help. Reach out and give a hand and let service become the focus of your day.

What will you do today to help someone else reach their success?

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