Building Relationships to Support Success

Making connections will create a foundation for your success, but growing those connections up into relationships will provide you with the walls that will hold your success firm in its place. I have been blessed to encounter some great connections over the last several years – as I have reached out through social media, conferences and gatherings. But more importantly, I have been overwhelmed at the relationships that have grown up from those connections.

From Connections to Relationships

Wade Kwon and I connected through the Alabama Bloggers, and soon recognized his passion for helping others in their blogging journey. He has been a big part of my Alabama Blogger experience and is always willing to answer any questions I might have about my blogging journey. Wade also launched Y’all Connect in 2013 and I had the blessing to attend in 2014. Wade became more than a connection as he continued to invest in my blogging. His motivation and encouragement has made a huge difference.

Wade’s encouragement and support, as well as that of the many Alabama Bloggers that meet regularly, is one of the top reasons I will be speaking at WordCamp Birmingham 2014 on RELATIONSHIPS!

Carol Marks and I connected through the Alabama Bloggers as well – in a round about way. Carol launched the Rocket City Bloggers to try and connect bloggers in Huntsville the way bloggers in Birmingham were connecting through Alabama Bloggers. She invited me to attend a See Jane Write panel in 2013, and she has been pushing me to do and be more ever since. This year, she launched a new endeavor for female writers in Huntsville, The Nora Guild. The Nora Guild will be hosting its first event – an Author Reading featuring local authors. Carol invited me to be a part of the event. Carol became more than a connection as she continued to reach out to me in personal ways – coffee, invitations, emails, and instant messages. Her enthusiasm for my journey has made me enthusiastic as well.

Constance Smith and I connected through the Rocket City Bloggers and then even more through Carol Marks (not only is Carol and encourager, but also a connector). Constance went from a connection to a friend as she made time to meet for coffee and meals (at the Rocket City Bloggers monthly bloggle). Constance also makes an effort to share my words to her connections. Her sharing gives me a boost of hope about my journey.

It was Carol and Constance that challenged me to begin doing videos . . . they may have created a hope monster in the process.

Heather Randall and I connected through the Christian Women Affiliate when she stepped up to take the lead. She became more than a connection or a name on a screen as she shared quotes from the Growing HOPE CWA Radio show, sent out emails to encourage my day and gave me a shoulder when things were not going as planned. Heather fuels my desire to reach out and connect with others and then to grow those connections into relationships.

Connections are the beginning – but relationships take some additional investment. Let’s grow relationships together and then through those relationships let’s take over the world – or at least cover it in a little hope and Light.

Be blessed,


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