Any Planner Will Work When You Work It

You need a plan and you need the right planner to work for you.

“Which of you doesn’t first sit down and count the cost before he starts building to make sure he has enough to finish what he starts?”
from Luke 14:28

It’s that time of year . . . the time when everyone wants to create a plan and everyone has a favorite planner for creating that plan. My feed overfloweth with ads for bullet journals, planner apps, and physical planners.

It doesn’t matter which planner you choose. The right one will always be the one that works for you.

the right planner works for you

“It’s not about the planner you choose. It’s about the actions you take.” – Kathryn Lang

Several years ago, I began planning out my WhiteBoard of World Domination. Two years ago, I put together a focus folder to make the WhiteBoard of World Domination portable. Last year, I began sharing my system with others, but always encouraged them to follow the systems as tools not as rules.

It’s not about the right planner but about what you do with the planner you choose to use. If it’s all about the planner then the planner will be using you instead of the other way around.

Finding Your Right Planner

    the ring planner finds your focus
    Look for something that offers flexibility – not because you want to change up as you go but because you want to use the pieces that works for you (and add in the things the planner doesn’t already include).

    Look for something that is easy to use FOR YOU – because if it’s a hassle to use then you will stop using it and it won’t work if you don’t use it no matter how good others tell you it is.

    Look for something that is easy to adjust – your plan will be unique and your planner will be unique for you as well.

    Look for something that doesn’t add to your tasks – because if it adds more to you then you will begin to regret it (and neglect for that regret).

The right planner for you will be the one that works for you and the one that you put to work Everything else will simply be another part of the clutter piling up on your desk. You can get there when you believe, you plan, and you take purposeful action.

Get ready. Get set. Go!

Be blessed,
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