Troubles with a Cramped Muse

Odd time for my muse to dance

My muse kicked me out of bed this morning. Nothing disrupts a night of peaceful sleep quite like a muse determined to dance RIGHT NOW! My muse skipped the “Telling Time” class in school so she acts on her desires and whims despite the fact that morning has not even broken.

My muse understands that when darkness rules the hour, my body will dig deeper down into the covers until she gives up. Today it was an epic battle. She dragged along every thought, idea or dream she could find to be sure that my racing mind would drive my body up and out of bed. The party she started in my brain was enough to defeat the ruling darkness this time.

The first light of day does offer an amazing calm that can seldom be found at any other time. Even the traffic on the road above the house seems to quiet down for this time of day. The morning arrives with only me and a few crickets to greet it – and my dancing muse of course.

I understand the frustrations of my muse. The last couple of months have been tough on all of us. We are crammed into a space smaller than some bedrooms I have been in. Five people in just 600 square feet does not leave much room for the muse to dance. People crammed into a small space, stuff crammed into a couple of PODS and the normal activities of life, combined with summer events, combined with clean up from the tornadoes on April 27th leave the schedule crammed to overflow as well.

The moment I manage to find a space to breath, my muse has passed out from spinning around in circles too long. She has needed the opportunity to cut loose and wander through all the possibilities that she enjoys exploring.

That is why I sit here with the breaking morning. The fog has settled down along the creek and the springs that surround our home. It clothes everything in a grey film. One bird calls out to the sun to break through the fog and usher in the day with the crickets backing her up in an unending chorus.

Our situation may not be ideal at the moment – but the moment I am experiencing is sure hard to beat no matter what circumstances brought me here. And my muse is dancing. That makes everything worthwhile.

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  • oh how we love and hate that muse when she dances. The inspiration and enthusiasm she brings is welcome and needed in our craft. However the sleeplessness and desperation I feel to capture what her dance brings me at times to the brink of despair. I find myself often asking her to slow down or repeat that last dance sequence only to find she like me is making it up as she goes.

    Thus leaving me to create as fast as possible. Because who know’s how long she will dance today. Tomorrow may see her off visiting someone else. So while she is here we dance.