I am the mountain

I am the Mountain

Less than 140 characters changed my direction. A tweet – sent out for mass consumption – landed in front of me and made a difference.

It changed my thinking. It refocused my perspective. It crystalized my vision.

I wrote about the tweet when it happened. I took the time to thank Chris Brogan for sharing the words of inspiration – in the post, through social media and directly. His words impacted me and I wanted him to know it.

The words were not new to me. I have heard them before – REPEATEDLY. I have shared them before – in writings (Like You are the Missing Link), in talks and even in lectures to my kids.

But that morning, at the exact moment the tweet was sent, I was ready. The soil had been prepared. The season had arrived. Chris Brogan threw out the seed. It landed and sprouted and is growing strong.

The words made a difference.

“How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”
“How high can a flea jump?”
“How many times do you have to repeat it before he gets it?”

The answer will be different for each person that answers it because we are all different.

I have often wondered how the disciples could be there with Jesus day in and day out and still not get it. “Again I say unto you.” I can almost feel the exasberation that Jesus must have experienced. And then I realize he is talking to me.

“And again I say unto you.” And then I got it.

Sometimes it takes the first time for the light bulb to go off. Sometimes it is the second time before I catch on. Sometimes the counter has quit turning.

Monday was my time.

This morning, I looked at where I was in my journey and realized I was far from where I wanted to be in this moment. Yesterday, I would have been frustrated, or tearful, or just too tired to move – well, maybe not yesterday but before. Today, I did not get overwhelmed looking at the mountain before me.

I realized the mountain was not as big as I first imagined. The mountain was just me.

I am the only thing standing in my way, and I can handle that.

Be blessed,

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