Follow the Wise to the Proverbs Life – Study of Proverbs Chapter Thirteen

Take a moment to read through Proverbs 13. Write down any verses that stand out for you. Meditate on this verse. Let the words settle in your heart and begin to guard your peace.

The Proverbs Life Follows the Wise

A Proverbs life listens to instruction and follows sound advice. Wisdom teaches us to head instruction. It guides us to listen to rebuke.

The words that we speak will directly affect how we live – and the words will come from the instruction we plant in our hearts. Wisdom guards the life to diligence. Through diligence the soul is made rich.

Sound advice guides a life towards wisdom. Rejecting the sound advice leaves the life to fall into pride and be overwhelmed by the negatives from strife. The Word will bring rewards to those who chose to follow. The Law will be a fountain of life that turns away the snares of death.

Accept correction and grow into a place of honor. Wise men will help you walk in wisdom, and that helps to guide you to the path of righteousness. The righteous choose the things that satisfy the soul.

Your life of peace and joy begins with sound advice. Find wise council. Plant wisdom in your heart. Be diligent in your search for wisdom. Begin your Proverbs life by following the wise.

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