Free Money Around the Home

Everyone wants something for nothing. Free is a word that will get your attention. Free money really perks up the ears – but there’s always that cautious nature that looks for the fine print. The truth is that we all have free money sitting around our homes today.

1. Dig out that old “Add-a-bead” necklace and cash it in. Your scrap gold (or gold you don’t need or want) could bring you a tidy little some. Since gold is going up in a financial market that seems determined to push investments down, it might be a good time to cash in.

2. There are items in your home right now that you NEVER use (and possibly never wanted). You hold on to them because your dieing grandmother gave them to you or for some other sentimental reason. Let it go. Free up your space and your life by changing those items into free cash. If you are worried about getting a good value for the precious then call a local auction. Most will charge around a 30% commission when the item is sold, but 70% of something is way more than 100% of nothing.

3. Send in those rebates. It may seem like a lot of hassle, but it will pay off. Most people just throw them away because they don’t want to be bothered with the details. That’s just money in the trash. After filling out a few, you will get the hand of it. It’s a shame to see so many people missing out on free money. I have even thought about starting a business where I do other peoples rebates for a small percentage of the money.

4. Since we already hit the jewelry box once, why not go through it again. Many people start wearing less jewelry as they get older (especially when they have small kids). Why not see if a local jeweler would be interested in some of the pieces you are no longer wearing.

5. Purge and sale! Yard sales are always a great way to get a little free money. Just be sure that you take what you don’t sale to charity (and get a receipt for tax purposes so that you can deduct the donation on your taxes next year). Not only will you have some cash in your hand, but you will have a much cleaner house.

Free money is all around you. Quit missing out and start digging in. There is no telling how many treasures you have hiding around your home right now.

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  • I just got hooked up with highspeed internet, so I can FINALLY make some use of this eBay thing everyone is always talking about 😉 !