Rejection is a Good Thing

Most people feel that rejection is bad. I’ve learned better. Rejection is the catalyst that makes me refocus and re-motivate my life goals. Rejection is the one thing that can make me take a firm look at where I am (and where I am headed) and give me the courage (or discouragement) to turn in the right direction.

Rejection is a good thing.

This is a new way of life for me. Growing up, I couldn’t stand rejection. I was apt to reject first just to avoid the hurt. Even more likely was not trying. Failure was just not an option.

Before I left for college, my high school sweet heart rejected me. If he had not, it is likely that I would never have gone so far away to school. I met people from all over the world at college. I made friendships that hold fast today. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I only experienced because of rejection.

While at college, I met a nice guy. He fit into my plans, so we made arrangements to get married. Exactly one month before the wedding, he rejected me. I was forced to re-examine what we had, where we were going and the why of it all. It was only after rejection that I discovered that as good as he was, he was not the great that I wanted for my life.

Rejection forced a change in my life.

Back in my home town, I reconnected with my high school sweet heart. We spent months being pals and friends. It was an amazing time. We were married on New Year’s Eve at the end of that year (and recently celebrated our 14 year anniversary).

As painful as it may feel at the time, rejection is a good thing. It makes you push yourself a little farther, see yourself a little better, or make yourself do a little more than you would otherwise accomplish. Rejection is the motivator that will help you climb to the pinnacle of your dreams.

Embrace rejection and then determine to rise above!

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