Flooding Out the Muse

Sometimes the words come – other times they stay cages up in the normal and expected. The muse gets choked up and has no way to run. The flood gates opened the other night. Catching that flow can be almost as difficult as taming a true river, but the results of success can be just as beneficial.

Tips for Taming the Word Flow

    1. Use a pencil. I think I write faster when I have a pencil in hand. I know that the sound of the pencil moving across the paper at great speeds only excites the muse even more.

    2. Never wait. Nothing can more frustrating than to have an amazing idea, fall asleep or get caught up in the day, and then later remember you HAD an amazing idea but now it has crawled away and is hiding. Get the words down while they are out roaming free.

    3. Avoid the urge to direct. Words that are flowing at high speed may make a few unexpected twist and turns. Sit back and watch the power of the flood and only clean up after everything has had a few moments to dry.

Words have a way of demanding their time. Writers have to find ways to capture the power of those moments without hindering the flow of the words. Learn to take advantage of your free-dancing muse. Just write and later take the time to review and revise all the words that you managed to get down during that time.

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