Carnivals Lead to Great Connections

Blog carnivals are a great way to boost your viewers, but even better they open up new blogs for you to view. Over the last year, I have submitted to several carnivals. Many of the carnivals I have just submitted to and then forgotten (maybe making a brief mention of them at the bottom of the blog), but there are a few that really stand out for me.

Writer . . . Interrupted is one of those rare finds. It’s helpful to my spiritual growth, my writing ambitions, and sometimes just my sanity. It has loads of information about writing, some great links, and even a boost or two for my ego (I was one of the blog entries featured on the “best of 2007” Carnival of Christian Writers!). This is a warm, comforting place to meet friends who are learning to be content where they are.

Sunny at Dandelions and Daydreams is another of the delightful treats I have discovered in this vast internet. When not hosting the Carnival of Christian Women, Sunny is filling the site with great articles, tips, and even a recipe or two.

If you haven’t looked into blog carnivals then start the New Year off right. Find one that matches your target audience and sign up. Remember to check out the other sites featured on the blog carnivals. You may end up getting more from the experience than you ever imagined.

Kathryn Lang

#Hope builder. #Dream inspirer. Master of “it’s all about #relationships.” Aficionado of inappropriate laughter, Kathryn Lang believe we can all fly and works to help others find the time to make their dreams come true. She shares with people that are trying to walk the tightrope of family, work, and faith – and keep them all in the right balance. Contact Kathryn today to speak or teach at your next event.

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  1. Sunny

    Hey, I just noticed this. Thanks for the recommendation.

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