4 Steps to Cure Procrastination

The more I procrastinate, the more I have to do. You would think that it would all pan out, but instead the chores and need to’s dam up (usually at the end of the week). In the end, you either have to give up all your free time or else give up some of the tasks.

I have always been an expert procrastinator (just ask some of my teachers). There was just something about waiting until the last minute to do a project or report. There are people I know today that say they work better if they wait until the last minute. That was my feelings at one time. Now I know the truth.

Sitting for ten hours staring at or thinking about the same project does not mean the work will be better. It doesn’t even mean the work will be faster. It just means that you will have to sit for ten hours in the same spot.

Waiting until the last minute doesn’t mean that you had free time up until then. It just means that you have no room for error (in what you are doing or in the estimation of the time you will need) or else you will be giving up free time, sleep, and possibly even food until you can get the project done.

I have learned my lesson. Although I had been getting much better over the last several years (especially since children happened into the scene), I wasn’t quite there yet. Now I’m there. The projects I have due at the end of the month I will start on today. A little of this and a little of that will keep me from getting burned out (or having to burn the midnight oil) in the long run.

1. Work in increments. If you have a large project then do just a little here and there until it gets done.

2. No more excuses. Set specific times to work and actually work during those times.

3. Be realistic. Ask for deadlines that you can actually meet without straining something.

4. Stay on task. If IM’s or emails get you distracted then turn them off until you are through.

Staying on track is easier and much less painful in the long run. The more you procrastinate, the more the tasks build up and the more you end up having to do. Spread it out and make it easier to tackle in the end.

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