Oozing Inspiration

Tough times found their way to my front door. Finances tighten up by the moment. Frustration builds in a spouse trying to find his way (or a job – or both). The holidays only serve to put a spotlight on all of the struggles.

But, it is okay.

This morning I woke up knowing that it was okay. There was just something in my heart that allowed a peace to pour over the entire home. That feeling built into something that started pouring out into the words I was writing. The more I shared the more inspiration and hope I discovered. It was soon obvious to me that I was oozing with inspiration.

Which brings me back to an early post about out giving God. The more I do for the people around me then the more I can do. Sharing hope and inspiration gives me hope and inspiration. I think I have been smiling since about 5 am. Things are better than okay. Things are good no matter what the situation may look like on the outside.

It is not denying reality to see the sunny side of my life. I am not ignoring the facts. The facts are just no longer dictating my outlook. Be an inspiration right now to someone around you and then look for the joy to come shining back.

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  • Finances are tight for us too right now. Tighter than they have been in 20 years. But I feel great. I’m so glad funds are limited and I’m not ot buying things we shouldn’t be buying.

    Being frugal is a gift to my children–teaching them to be content in all things.

    God always provides. Thanks for this post.

  • Kathryn. I love those “wrapped up in God’s peace” moments. Our family has had financial struggles (our first 12 yrs. of marriage were a financial struggle).
    There are mornings that I’d wake up totally refreshed and expecting. The first thing out of my mouth is, “Lord, I know what things LOOK like, but praise YOU that all our needs are more than met and that You’ve given me such peace and joy for my day. I don’t know what You’re going to do, but I know that it will greatly bless us.”
    For the rest of the day I’m as giddy as a girl with a crush. Even if its not a monetary blessing that comes, I still have peace. That was/is the gift that God blessed me with that day.

    I’m glad that you’re recognizing this peace and are resting in God and believing for His provision.