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  • Finances are tight for us too right now. Tighter than they have been in 20 years. But I feel great. I’m so glad funds are limited and I’m not ot buying things we shouldn’t be buying.

    Being frugal is a gift to my children–teaching them to be content in all things.

    God always provides. Thanks for this post.

  • Kathryn. I love those “wrapped up in God’s peace” moments. Our family has had financial struggles (our first 12 yrs. of marriage were a financial struggle).
    There are mornings that I’d wake up totally refreshed and expecting. The first thing out of my mouth is, “Lord, I know what things LOOK like, but praise YOU that all our needs are more than met and that You’ve given me such peace and joy for my day. I don’t know what You’re going to do, but I know that it will greatly bless us.”
    For the rest of the day I’m as giddy as a girl with a crush. Even if its not a monetary blessing that comes, I still have peace. That was/is the gift that God blessed me with that day.

    I’m glad that you’re recognizing this peace and are resting in God and believing for His provision.