The Office Dilemma

As a freelance writer making a living without a “real” job, I’ve learned to do what I have to do to make what I need to make. I have worked in the parking lot waiting for my mom to come out of the doctor’s office (because I don’t have a “real” job and am able to drive anyone anywhere at anytime). I have written in the lobby of the Aquarium while the baby napped and the older kids went with hubby on a backstage tour. I have learned to make do.

I think I’m over that now!

Our house is small, although it’s much bigger since we added on the family room. There are only three bedrooms, and a living room, kitchen and family room that all interconnect. My office is at the end of the kitchen. I have no privacy.

Under normal, chaotic conditions this situation is fine. I can manage to go inside my mind and not be disturbed by the youngest son driving through the house on his electric train holding down the horn or the two older boys having a Lego battle in the other room.

For the last year my freelance writing has been the only income in our home. God has truly blessed us through a number of regular gigs and other opportunities that has made living this freelance life a reality. But I want to take it to the next level and I just don’t see how the kitchen is going to cut it. It’s time for me to expand – my business, my writing and especially my work space.

I took a bold step yesterday. I met with a contractor – a real one with references and everything. He’s giving me a quote on creating me a sunroom off the back of the house – a perfect location for the office of my dreams! I can even envision the seating, the desk (that sits at a normal level instead of bar height so that my feet can actually touch the ground), the lay out and the peace that will come from having my own little corner of the world to bring to live all the visions that are crowding my brain.

It will be nice not to have to be concerned about who is reading what over my shoulder (I knew teaching the kids to read would come back to haunt me). Now my stories and articles and posts can come to life without hesitation or distraction. It may still be a while away, but I have a goal now and I’m determined to reach it!

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