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Hold Tight to the Promises to Overcome the Temporary

Hold tight to the promises. Everything else is temporary.

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The small black jumping spider crawling across the wall made me cry. It didn’t scare me. Instead, it warmed my heart.

We’ve spent the last seven months in a state of uncertainty in this world. We know in our hearts and minds that God’s got this. Our eyes see something different, and our ears hear otherwise.

We have ideas. We have hopes. We have no definitive answer.

When the small, black jumping spider crawled into my view, I have a visible reminder that God’s got this.

There was always one constant in our house. We had small black jumping spiders that lived around the house. One even lived under the Lazy Susan on the dining room table. My son named him. One lived under my monitor in the office. We had many conversations.

When the tornado hit, we lost a lot of our stability. Instead of healing, we have had to constantly look at the destruction while we wait for answers to how we can move forward.

It’s strengthened us in some ways. We spend each morning in our Scripture reading before we come together to pray. That’s been an incredible blessing and support.

But the constant barrage of not knowing wears the heart down.

This morning, after I finished my reading, I looked up, and a small black jumping spider made his way across the wall of the rental we are in. I think he may have waved. I smiled and offered a morning greeting.

And I’m still crying.

Little blessings – the song you needed to hear, the meme you needed to read, or a small black jumping spider – remind us of the Truth no matter what circumstances are trying to convince us is real.

Truth matters. Truth stands in and on the foundations of His promises instead of the shifting sands of the world’s temporary.

Hold tight to His Promises so you can stand firm in the shifting temporary.

hold tight to the promise

Hold Tight

  • Find the Promises – As you read through Scripture, write down the promises God made. The Word overflows with Promises from God of what He will do. He doesn’t always explain how the Promises will grow up, but He has made many commitments to His children – and His Promises never fail.
  • Define your part – There will always be your part, and there will always be God’s part. You focus on your part, and God will always come through. ALWAYS.
  • Repeat the Promises – The things you put into your eyes and your ears will be what settles into your heart. Put the Promises in until they are the only thing that comes out.
  • Look for reminders – The world will do all it can to distract you from the Promises. God will continue to send you little reminders that His Promises never fail. A rainbow, a call from a friend, a small black jumping spider – the reminders will be there if you are willing to look.

The world will try to get you to look at what you’ve lost. It will hold up the walk of others to get you to fall into the trap of comparisons. The world will scream and holler to shift your focus from the possibilities to the problems. Anything it can do, it will do if it can move you from holding tight to the promises.

The foundation you set today will give you the strength to stand. Hold tight to His Promises so you can stand against the shifting sands of temporary and storms of the world.

What are the promises you hold tight to?

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