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How to be Okay When Tears Flow

Tears flow in happy times and in sad times. For some people, tears flow with anger or frustration. Tears do not show weakness. Instead, tears pour out healing for the heart and the mind. Be okay when the tears flow.

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Finding balance in our new temporary can be a struggle on the good days. I try not to talk about the bad days.

It was a good day when I sat down to organize my office space. It’s actually the upstairs hall, but there’s room for my 18-inch event tables to line the wall, so I’m calling it my office.

My husband brought several of the boxes marked office to the rental house from the PODs. I needed to sort through them and get things placed in a home. The second box held miscellaneous items, including some craft pattern clippings my mom had collected.

I bawled. I miss my mom, and I miss having ways to stay connected with her. My Joy garden had helped me with my connection, and expanding the garden had helped me. But with the tornado crushing the house and the trees crashing down in the gardens, I have no idea how much of my Joy garden remains.

I cried for my mom. I cried for my garden. I cried for our temporary.

And then I took a deep breath and moved forward.

The tears didn’t fix any of the things that brought the tears in the first place, but the tears healed my heart enough for me to take the next step.

After I finished organizing my office, I took those craft clippings and ordered the yarn I would need to crochet one of them. It left me feeling closer to my mom, and now we have a warm blanket as well.

I’ve also completed several other projects since finding those clipping that led to tears prompted  me to pick up the crochet hooks and do something my mom and I loved.

Tears can be healing forces, so be okay when the tears flow.

Finding Healing When Tears Flow

  • Tears break down the dams. Dams block away what we are feeling or thinking. A little water will poke a hole in the strongest barrier. Once the dam begins to crumble, you will be able to deal with what was hiding behind the dam.
  • Tears soothe the soul. It doesn’t seem logical that tears help. When tears flow, they roll over the heart in a way that nothing else can. In the end, the release soothes the soul.
  • Tears clear out the clutter. Sometimes I think the tears show up because my mind has grown too cluttered to think. Tears wash away the clutter and make room for me to think again.
  • Tears reveal the heart. The tears show the people around you the hurt, the struggle, or the frustration. When you reveal your heart, it creates a path to touch another heart.

We don’t always want to deal with tears – our own or the tears of others. It creates vulnerability, which can lead to more pain. But that vulnerability can also lead to a stronger connection, a stronger heart, or a bolder resolve.

Find your way to be okay with tears and allow for the healing to lead you to hope.

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