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Joy Sharing through a Hair Cut

This morning I woke up, shook my head, and was ready to face the day. That’s saying a LOT. Most days I have to negotiate with my hair about what we can and cannot do – especially when the weather is wacky.

My hair is simple – curly and bit and lots of it. Cutting my hair is not so simple. I once had a cut that took six months to grow out – and the whole six months my hair stayed mad at me. Nothing makes it more difficult to get going in the morning than hair that is actually mad at you.

I found an amazing hair stylist in Jacksonville, Florida. He took care of my hair and showed me how to fix it the “right” way. “You are representing me when you walk out of here.” I drove from Guntersville, Alabama to Jacksonville, Florida on several occasions just to get my hair cut.

Wendy came into my life a few years back. I knew we were going to be a fit when she told me that she would need a few times cutting my hair to get to know my hair and to know my lifestyle. Each time she cut my hair, she built our relationship and my trust.

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Last year, I went chemical free, and Wendy recommended I cut out all the old hair. I trusted her, but it was hard. It was the first time since 8th grade that I put my jacket on, went to flip my hair out of the back, and there was no hair IN the back. It was that short.

She was right, though. It was clean and it was healthy.

This last week she cut my hair again. It took me a year to work up the courage to take the chance again. I told her. She reminded me that she liked it long, but she didn’t want me to get lost in the hair. The cut was quick and painless, and she only had to sweep twice. The results still fascinate me.

I share this, not to show off my new cut (although it is AWESOME). It is because Wendy put me first. She could have done something drastic. She could have talked me into a style that would require hours of prep and pampering to get right. She could have done a lot of things.

Over the years, Wendy has taken the time to get to know me. She listens to my stories and to my life and then she helps me live out that life looking the best I can. During the cut, she commented that she wanted the cut to look as good wet as it did dry. It means that I don’t have to rush to get my hair done or worry about putting it up while beside the pool. She cut the style for me.

She epitomizes the understanding that when we make lasting connections and focus on being relentlessly helpful we make a difference – in the lives we are working with and in our own journey.

Wendy is not just a hairstylist (although I have the highest admiration for hairstylists – it is a gift and a calling). Wendy has taken it to the next level – she is a lifestylist.

Now I am challenged to take her example and apply it to my own life.

Be blessed,

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