Keep Up to Avoid the Catch Up

There are days when I willful walk past a sink full of dirty dishes. I see them but I pretend that they are not there. My real hope is that the elves living in my walls and under my floors will come out and clean the dishes instead of spending all of their time and energy making shoes. I have also been known to do the same with laundry, toys and any other mess that does not fit into my “want to do” list.

Every time I come BACK by, the mess is still there. Sometimes it has even managed to gain a voice and calls out to me – taunting me for my lack of incentive. There have been those moments when I am certain that the pile has grown and expanded all on its own.

Most of these moments could be avoided completely if I would just kill the procrastination in my own life. But the truth is there are days when I am tired, or worn down or just not in the mood to do the things that need to be done. That is when it is best to have a plan that I can fall back on and carry me through so that my dishes and laundry no longer talk to me.

6 Tips for Getting it Done

    1. Never walk past it. If you see it then pick it up, put it away or wash it. One is much easier than an entire sink or room.

    2. Keep a list of things that come up. It is too easy to get lost in the day and forget about that phone call that you needed to make or bill that HAS to be paid.

    3. Make it a family thing. Even if you are a stay at home or work at home parent you do not live alone in the home. Assign jobs for each kid. According to my husband, men need SPECIFIC tasks, so give them tasks. Kids can be forced to work. Husbands have to go voluntarily. Share your needs and wants and then work out the list together if you really want the whole family onboard. Yes, it would be easier to do it yourself in the beginning, but eventually they will be a benefit so keep pushing!

    4. Put on your shoes when you get up and get dressed in the morning. It will help you feel like you are actually doing something but it will also help to protect your feet when you are running around the house. Bare feet can become sore feet when you get active!

    5. Allow for some flexibility. Some things are more important than others. The laundry does not have to come out as soon as the buzzer sounds. Finish that game with the kids first. Know what needs to be done, but be willing to shuffle things around if something else comes up.

    6. One more thing means one less thing. Get one more item done before you take a break, call it a night, or change gears. Be careful, it is easy to “one more thing” yourself into exhaustion. Stick to the ONE and you will get more done.

It is often the delay that causes the messes. Putting off washing the breakfast dishes until supper means your kitchen feels cluttered and you really do not want to cook dinner. Getting things done now will make life easier and much less stressful. The more tools you have in place to help you get things done then the more likely you are to actually do them.

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