31 Day Challenge – Day 12 Measuring Success

This challenge was set up to be about consistency and not about results, but I am already beginning to see results and I’m not even half way through the challenge. So many times in the past I have aimed for a goal but failed in the consistent steps to reach that goal. I have to keep my eyes on the step in front of me so that I don’t stumble on my way to the prize.

6 Tips for the Step Ahead

    1. Each morning I start the day looking over my list and thinking about how each one will be implemented during the day. Planning keeps me guided.

    2. Each morning I review the journey of yesterday just as a reminder that even in unexpected circumstances it can be done. Reflection keeps me motivated.

    3. Each morning I spend some time in prayer for my day and for the protection and guidance for family and friends. Prayer keeps me focused.

    4. Each morning I take my time even if I am running late because rushing only makes things worse (and I’ll probably be late anyway). Relaxing keeps my day calm.

    5. Each morning I dress for the day even if the day is spent sitting in the kitchen. A put together outside keeps the inside feeling put together.

    6. Each morning I step out of my comfort zone and try without regards to the consequences. Trying keeps me from ever failing because the only way to truly fail is to never try.

I start this challenge over each morning. This is a one step program that involves only today. For today, I will do all that I need to on my list. For today, I will make good habits to guide my life. For today, I will do all those things that I have been dreaming were possible.

What are you going to do with your today?

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