Getting the Freelance Writing Jobs

The economy has been tough on most everyone and many freelance writers have been hit as well. It can be particularly hard to make ends meet when you aren’t real sure where the ends are. Freelance writers depend on that next gig to get their budgets moving in the right direction. The question for most of us is how do we get that next gig?

Tips for Finding Paying Jobs for Freelance Writers

    1. Start today. It doesn’t matter how many jobs you currently have lined up right now because there is no way to know what tomorrow might bring. Be prepared for unexpected situations and at the same time start advancing your career by looking for more opportunities today.

    2. Do one thing today. Each day I send out a query for a print publication, send a letter about a potential job or actively pursue a new gig in some manner. I do not have to spend more than an hour to get it done and I have a continue supply of potential jobs that will come my way.

    3. Ask for more today than you did yesterday. It could be a few cents more, a few dollars more or a few hundred dollars more. The more that you improve and expand your skills then the more that you need to be compensated for your time. Expect and ASK for more.

    4. Write something today. It doesn’t matter how much you can get paid per article, per hour or per word if you don’t write. Write something every day and aim to write even more tomorrow.

The key to getting the best freelance writing gigs is to apply for those gigs. By starting to query and write today and by consistently following through every day you will begin to build a strong freelance writing career.

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