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6 Tips to Getting it All Done

It is possible to get everything done that you have on your list for this week. If you are like me, your to-do list reads more like a short story than a list. Every time you look at it, things mysteriously add on. It just keeps growing. But it is possible to finish your to-do list and still have time for yourself and for your family.

1. Start now. The early you start on the tasks the more time you have to get things done. Procrastination is one of the biggest busters of time that exists today. If you put it off until tomorrow (not matter what it may be) then you probably will be complaining about how you never have enough time.

2. Spread it out. Give yourself one or two hours (in thirty minute chunks) to get your to-do list done. Spend thirty minutes in the morning, thirty before lunch, thirty before dinner and thirty before bed. It will be amazing how much can be accomplished in such a seemingly short amount of time.

3. One big project a week. If you want to completely clean sweep your home then do it one room at a time and only one room a week. It won’t feel quite as overwhelming and you will feel a sense of accomplishment each time you complete a room.

4. Enlist help. If you can’t get your family to help you out, then ask a friend. Sometimes it helps to have someone there with you even if they don’t physically do anything.

5. Keep going. Even when you get distracted, get right back on track. Focus will be the key to keeping you consistent in your efforts.

6. Be realistic. Evaluate your to-do list and shift those things you know you can’t do or won’t have time to do. I WANT to clean out my garden, but the weather hasn’t cooperated. I just keep shifting that to-do until it’s time.

To get the to-do list done you have to stay on it. Work some here and there and be sure to set aside at least one day for catch up. When you get all your to-do’s done during the regular week, you will have that extra day to just be free and relax.

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