Following Your Bliss – How to Make Money Writing


It is possible to make money doing any thing that you want. There just has to be a plan and then willingness and a consistency to follow that plan. It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a millionaire, lose weight or make money doing something you love. Every thing is possible once you conceive it and follow through.

1. Start now. Nothing happens over night. You need to build your business before you fly on your own. Begin small and you will work your way up to the success that you desire.

2. Keep learning. No matter how good you may be (or you might THINK that you may be) there is always something more to learn. Attend conferences, take online courses and find community classes or writer’s groups that can help you increase your knowledge and advance your craft.

3. Create a plan. Decide what genres you want to settle into and write out goals (i.e. publish a series of fiction mystery novels or syndicate a column). After the goals you will want to write out steps (measurable objectives) that will help you reach each goal. Put together a writing plan very similar to any business plan that you would create.

4. Write daily. All the best ideas in the world will never amount to anything if they are not first put to work. Action is the key to becoming a success at anything.

5. Write differently. You may want to tackle just one genre, but by expanding you opportunities you will also expand your skills. Cross genres to help increase your basic writing skills and to uncover hidden talents.

6. Discover your niche. There is a place for you right now. You just have to find it and begin to make it your own.

7. Learn to query. The query letter is one of the most important keys for getting published in any form. Keep copies of your rejected queries so that you can take them to conferences or writer’s groups and get others to help you make them better. Don’t be afraid to query the same editor with a better product.

8. Follow through. If you say that you can do it then you better do it (and beat the deadline). Start building your credibility from the beginning.

9. Write for pay. Making money writing starts with getting paid to write. You may not be able to jump into the pond as top ten writer, but you can get your feet wet somewhere. Write what you can until you can write what you want.

10. Reach up. Once you get started then you can’t settle. Keep reaching for more. Try for the higher paying jobs, query the larger magazines, ask for the opportunity or the raise. The more experience you have and the more clips you build then the bolder you will become.

Success is only a try away. Creating a writing career – where you actually get paid for your passion – will take some time and effort but it can be achieved.

Some places to start:

www.ehow.com – not only can you post your own how to tips, but they also hire writers for projects as well.

www.craigslist.com – search in the gigs under writing and also in the writing/editing section.

www.performancing.com – they offer a list of blogger jobs and also some create tips for developing you own website.

www.paidpostingtools.com – you only make a few cents per comment, but strong posts can lead to other opportunities.

Determining what you will accept is a personal decision. Figure out what it takes you to create a story of 250 words. Put a price tag on your work ($5 is not an unusually starting point for short posts). Or you can figure up an hourly rate that you are willing to accept and figure out the price that way.

No matter how you figure your payment plan, be sure that you set aside around 20% of your income to pay for taxes at the end of the year. You will also want to keep a record of all your expenses to help decrease those taxes.

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