Paul and the Ants

Ants are not my favorite creature on this great earth. Fire ants, in particular, are high on my list of things to question God about when I get to heaven. It doesn’t help that I saw “Phase IV” when I was a kid – a movie that has haunted me through out life.

Even with my dislike (or concern) for these creatures, I can’t help but be amazed. The workers work, the guards guard, and the queen lays eggs – each has a job that they do with out question or concern for the bigger picture. It’s not like they have an ant architect down in their hole showing them drawings of what everything will look like once the job is done.

If only I could be more like an ant. When I get a word from God (through the bible, a sermon, or something the kids say – don’t you hate it when the kids have the answer) then I would just do that. I wouldn’t have to spend hours meditating over where this action might or might not take me. No bush would have to burn to convince me to step out of my comfort zone. My actions would be quick and without hesitation – just like the ants.

When I was born and the doctor slapped my behind, I think I probably asked him “why did you do that?” Curiosity is as much a part of my being as breathing. I think Paul had a lot of that in him as well. He was definitely a detailed oriented man. So when Jesus appeared to Paul, he said “go to the city and wait.” Jesus didn’t tell Paul what would be next. Paul had to obey without understanding. Just do it.

What have I missed in my life because I didn’t “just do it?” How many blessings have I passed on? “No thank you, God. I don’t want your blessing unless you tell me what I will get, when I will get it, and why you want me to do this.”

Sometimes the things we need to do make sense. More often than not, it doesn’t seem fair that we are doing this when “they” get to do that. In the long run, there are very few of us that haven’t gotten a direction from God about something. It’s time we took a lesson from the ants. Pick up your leaf, and with blind faith, step out.

God will not leave you without direction.

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