Three Simple Steps

There are three simple keys to making any relationship work:

1. submission
2. sacrifice
3. serving

I didn’t say that they were easy keys, I said they were simple. If you focus on what YOU are or what YOU are not doing in a relationship, you will find that relationship becomes easier (even if the circumstances haven’t changed).

Let me try to explain further.

Submission is not about giving in to the other person’s wants or demands. Submission is between me and God. If I put His desires and plans for my life FIRST, then I won’t run into so much opposition from the people around me. Even when an attack does occur, I will be so focused on doing what I know I should be doing that the attack won’t cause me to stumble.

So submit – to God and to His will for your life. I promise that submission taken this direction is always a good thing (even if it takes some time to get over the “I” syndrome).

In order to truly submit to anything, you have to be willing to give up other things in your life. You have to sacrifice in order to submit.

Sacrifice is all about killing the “I’s” in life. Next time you start to complain about anything, see how many times you use “I” in the rant. To live a peaceful life, you have to get to the point where it’s God first, the other person second, and only then do you come into the picture. It hurts. I won’t lie about that. But it’s a pain more like getting your legs waxed than getting a broken bone. It’ll be over in no time and everything will be a little smoother because you went through it.

Sacrifice the “I’s” and watch your relationships flourish.

You’ll find that the more you sacrifice in your life the more you seem to be doing in the lives of those around you. You’ll also find joy in your service to others.

“What Have You Done For Me Lately?” I grew up singing this song. Recently I revised the saying – “What have I done for you lately?” When ever I feel tired, overwhelmed, hurt, or discourage by the actions and attitudes of the people around me, I ask this question. I find that by serving others, I bless myself.

Serving the people around me forces me to sacrifice the time and energy I would have spent focused on me. Refocusing my life brings me to a place of submission to God’s will.

Simple. I just wish it were easier to do.

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