Choose Obedience to the Right Path

This post was originally used in September of 2008. It holds true for my life at this moment so I thought I would bring it back, touch it up, and offer it to you once again.

Over the last several weeks, every bible study I have been going through, every devotional that I have received and every sermon I have heard has focused on choice in one form or another. They are a constant reminder that my path and my journey are dictated solely by my choice. These are not the words I want to hear.

My belief has always been that obedience was the issue. It has been easier for me to “pass the buck” by talking about how difficult it is to be obedient.

The reality is that we are all obedient. The issue I have had to face comes down to those things that are receiving my obedience. There are plenty of reasons and excuses that I could come up with that justify me NOT making the right choice. Often obedience to self is the easiest path.

Top Issues Affecting Choice

    1. There is always a reason to NOT to choose the right path. You are too tired. The timing not right. My husband yelled. You did not do it in the first place. You JUST did it. It is time for a favorite show. The list can go on forever. Excuses are always around. If you want to make an excuse you will be able to make an excuse. Determine today that there will be no more excuses for anything in your life.

    2. The right choice is not easy. The idea of choosing obedience to the right path is a simple one; it is just not an easy one on many days. It hurts to push past our own wants and desires and do just what we are supposed to do. But the end product feels better – eventually.

    3. It takes time. You have to choose to manage your time to choose a life of obedience to the right path. I read recently that if you choose not to manage your time then something or someone will choose to manage it for you. Get a schedule and stick to that schedule!

    4. Consistency will take you miles. Do it at the same time, every day – just like you would any other job that you have. The consistency will carry you when your determination seems to give up.

    5. Take each step one at a time. The choice you made yesterday does not dictate the choice you make today or tomorrow. Each step brings the opportunity for choosing right.

There is no true justification for my disobedience to the Right path. My choice, and nothing more, leads me in the other direction. Even partial obedience to the right translates to complete disobedience.

There is so much in the path that can get you off track. Get rid of the excuses, push past the pain and choose this day to focus on the prize!

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