Take Time for the Children

Girls may want to have fun, but kids just want some attention. You can save yourself and them a lot of trouble by planning time for the kids every day. It doesn’t have to be much (or extravagant). They just want to know that you are there and available.

1. Eat together as a meal every chance you get. Even if it’s just fast food, still take the time to sit around the table and talk (about the day, the weather or the normal nonsensical stuff that kids can come up with).

2. Say a prayer at night. Do it one on one with each child or as a family with everyone getting a chance to add something if he wants. Not only is this great family time, but it also teaches a habit that will help your children for the rest of their lives.

3. Turn off the electronics. Read together as a family instead. It will help everyone wind down at the end of the day and make sleep something that comes easy.

4. Just say yes. When your child asks if you’ll play with him then say yes – even if you had something else you needed or wanted to do. Taking thirty minutes to play a game of Go Fish will not bring the world to an end.

5. Talk in the car. When you are shuffling from activity to activity, don’t drown out each other with the radio. Use that time to find out about what your child is doing or experiencing. They will know that what they are doing is important and that you are interested. (It will also make them less likely to misbehave or skip out since they know you’ll be asking questions).

A little attention now can help you develop lasting relationships with your children – something that will be extremely valuable as they grow up and face situations where your guidance could help. Make time to enjoy your children while they are still children enough to enjoy.

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