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Finding Ways to Make God Last in Your Day

Find ways to make God last in your day and set yourself up for a firmer focus in hope for your tomorrow. Anchor the end of your day with God. It will soothe your heart, calm your mind, and allow for sweet sleep.

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It had been a rough day. Actually, it had been a rough several days in a row. Okay, it had been a rough month. The constant barrage had left me drained, annoyed, and a little snippy (although my husband might tell you I was just plain snappy. He would be wrong, though).

After losing my cool over something that would normally have made me grin, I knew something had to change.

“What’s so different?”

It took me a while to realize that in our new situation, the last thing I heard at night was the news, or at least people complaining about things on a channel called the news. Whatever the label, it was negative words that escorted me into my slumber. Those negative words begin to take effect.

Yesterday, I turned on IHeartRadio and created a station of praise. I listened until I shut down everything to go to sleep. I slept sweet and rose before the alarm went off.

The right end to your day will create the right beginning for your tomorrow. Be invested in a God-focus to create a firm foundation.

Make God Last

  • Start a prayer list. End the day talking to God about the needs you encountered during your day. Finish by thanking Him for the blessings.
  • Create a gratitude challenge. Write a gratitude a day for 30 days (I have a friend that does this for the entire year on Facebook). Keep a journal by your bed. Before you turn off the light each night, write a thank you note to God for all the gratitudes of the day.
  • Find a quiet space. For the last 30 minutes of your night, go somewhere quiet. Be still. Listen. Think over the Word you read in the morning or the experiences with God you encountered in your day. Let the quiet lead you to making God last in your day.
  • Worship and praise. Turn on worship or praise music, or make your own. Sing a song to God before you call it a night. Dance if you want to. Make it an all-out God celebration.

God will make a way, but it will be His Way. In order to understand it and to walk it out, we have to be focused on Him and connected to Him through His Word.

How will you make God the anchor for your day, the last thing in your heart and mind, so you are set up for the day to come? Find your way to make God last, and you will find a path to overflowing peace and calm for your night – plus a jumpstart for your tomorrow.

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