Finding the Right Focus – Growing HOPE Radio – August 4 2014

It can get to be too much. The pressure from the world to do it the way the world says is correct can wear you down – or at least it wears me down. I pushed and I pushed and I pushed to try and see change in my life. All I saw was the same ole same ole.

The world said it had a better way. The world said it had an easier way. The world said I should abandon what I knew to do and do what the world dictated. I almost listened, but fortunately that still small voice got loud enough to be heard over the noise.

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The world will always have something to say about my journey. The only way I will be able to stand firm against the words of the world is to have the Word firmly planted in my heart.

Tips for Having the Right Focus

    1. Feed the word into my heart and mind.
    2. Speak the positive words – OUTLOUD.
    3. Remember to have three points of contact.
    4. Listen to others but review the information for yourself.

How do you keep the right focus?

Be blessed,


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