31 Day Challenge – Day 18 One More Day Down

Yesterday was ordinary – except I had to add three hours to my schedule in the form of a bible study class that I’m attending. It seems that just doing what I know to do is easier than I ever imagined. But I confess that I’m chomping at the bit for more!

Now I know how my own horse felt. We would go out for a ride and cantor along the lake or walk up to the edge of the mountain and feel the breeze. He never tired. He just went where ever I pointed him. But once I pointed toward the barn it was on. He would tear a hole in the ground trying to get there faster. He could see the finish line.

It is so important that I just enjoy the feel of the breeze in my mane instead of trying to get to the barn. Live is lived outside the barn so why be in such a hurry to get there?

Okay – maybe that is lost on most of you but here is where I am at this moment in the 31 Day Challenge. I have to quit aiming for the finish and just concentrate on the doing.

Where are you in your challenge to change directions and fulfill your purpose?

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