Now I Understand

Outcome can not be the focus of what I am doing. Every action, attitude and circumstance ultimately boils down to a heart issue. What does my heart say about what I am doing?

It dawned on me that the big difference between the challenge that I am currently involved with and the others that I have done in the past is where my heart lies. This challenge is about simple obedience and nothing more.

I have struggled in the past with goals and schedules because the results do not happen the way I think they should. In the past I have looked at the benefits that I was going to receive. I walked not because it was good for me to get out and enjoy the amazing blessings that God has poured around me but because I wanted to look better in a bathing suit. Every action that I took was an attempt to gain something in return.

It helped me to understand that my problem is NOT with my consistency but with my heart. I want something for what I am doing instead of just being obedient in the things that I am called to do.

The results are NOT what it is about. All I can do is what I can do – not because there is something in it for me but because it needs to be done. Once I take the results factor out of the equations then obedience and consistency are so much easier for me.

I’ve understood that concept with my family and with other people but it is only today that I began to understand it with my every day actions. Everything I do is to God and nothing else. Once I can lock on to that concept the rest of life will be that much easier.

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