It is All About Money

In this day and age it seems that everything is money, money, money.  The only thing people ask about your new job is if you are making more money.  The only thing that anyone seems focused on with your new house is how much you paid for it.  If you’ve completely relocated, most people want to know if the cost of living is more or less.

I want to go back to a time when family and life were what really mattered.  There has to be an age when money wasn’t the only focus – especially when there really wasn’t money.  Maybe if we were bartering again with chickens and eggs and labor money wouldn’t be such an issue.

Don’t get me wrong – I like money.  It has its purpose and its time.  I just don’t like the focus that it has for most people.  Recently, I landed a great job and the only thing that my friend asked was “how much are you getting paid.”  Although getting the pay check was nice, it was the opportunities that the job would present that was the real perk.

It is possible to look beyond the green.

1.      What is the purpose of the job, the move, the change?

2.      How does it feel?

3.      What is the family saying?  Doing?  Thinking?

4.      Is this the first step or the final leg?

Take the time to look at the person and you’ll find that the money doesn’t really matter all that much after all.

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