How to Make Good Choices

It’s amazing how the moment you think you have it all together, it all seems to fall apart. Yesterday was so smooth. I got my work done, got the dishes and laundry done, did some cooking (and some freezing) and even did some exercising.

This morning, I got up all excited about another day like yesterday. The first thing that I got was confronted by someone about my attitude. Then my kids refused to cooperate. I got distracted from work, even though I knew I was on a time crunch to start with, and every one seemed determined to call me out.

It was a moment of truth. Three years ago, I would have thrown a complete temper tantrum. I would have demanded that everyone see things my way and would have been happy to point out all of my accomplishments and even more of their flaws.

Three weeks ago, I would have burst into tears. Nothing hurts more than trying to please others only to find out just how bad you are lacking. After a good cry and a long wallowing in self pity, I would have taken a hot bath (because I deserve to be pampered) and gone to bed early.

Three days ago, I would have just given up. It’s obvious that I can’t do anything I set out to do, so I wouldn’t have tried. I would have kicked up my feet, watch some television, and avoided the world.

Today, I faced the distraction head on and recognized what was going on. It would have been easy to ignore the plan I put forth. I chose to work and deal with the chaos all at once. It would have been easy to take offense at the actions and attitudes of those around me. I chose to accept that people are people and not lose any sleep over it. I could have done a lot of things, and I would have probably been justified for every one of them.

Why was today different? Today was different because yesterday morning I committed to God (out loud in prayer and in writing as well) to making it different. I decided that since I am responsible for the choices I make, I might as well start making good choices.

How do you face the chaos and come out on top? Do you have a tip that will get another woman through the yuck that can blind side us? We are all in this together, so blow off a little steam and maybe we can blow up a lifeboat together.

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