Boys, Cleaning, and Déjà vu

Today I experienced a serious case of déjà vu.  I was working at my computer, having spent the day with the hubby looking for a building for our next venture, when he walks in and sets some library books on my desk.  The one on top sent a shiver up my spine.  “I’ve been here before.”

As I was telling a friend about the experience, it dawned on me that today was one of those days where I had stayed on track.  It was a good day.  Maybe déjà vu isn’t some strange “psychic” thing.  Maybe it is just the spirit man and the physical man finally catching up.  Maybe it’s the confirmation that you are exactly where God wants you to be right at that moment – or at least where He has been preparing you to be.

Just the thought of being on the right path is enough to get me motivated and excited all over again.  It makes me want to climb Mt. Everest or swim the ocean or just tackle the clutter in the living room.  Knowing that I’m doing good makes me want to do better.

Now I’ve been hit with a second realization.  If success feels this good to me, I bet it feels this good to my children and my husband.  If I set them up to finish the tasks that I ask them to accomplish then praise them for their effort and outcome, the positive forces will move to do more – better – with out being asked.  Mom will finally be able to take the long bubble bath after dinner instead of washing the dishes.

On second thought, maybe that first flash wasn’t déjà vu after all.  It could be that I got a whiff of too much cleaning fluid and I’ve just been delusional all this time.  Ha!  Boys cleaning without being told – had to have been a dream.

Kathryn Lang

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  1. Michael Fultz

    I think it was the cleaning fluid. Boys don’t clean anything unless you drag them by the ears and stand over them. I know, because I was a boy once. Come to think of it, I still am.

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