taking steps

No More Crutches

I’m stepping out with boldness, determined to use no more crutches to make it work. I will do what I can do, and one step at a time, I will move to where I want to be.

My husband is gone for three full days. With an almost toddler on the loose, two highly active boys that I homeschool, and a budding writing career that takes up more time each week, many women would be panicked. I was one of them – a few weeks ago.

Yesterday during church, I determined that my husband is a crutch. I look to him to provide the income for our family, to do the yard work, and to give me a break when I’ve had the kids all day. Now that I’m working, I expect him to help out – even though I say I don’t expect it.

Put down your crutches and take a step

I want to walk closer to God. I want to know His will for my life. The only way this is ever going to is if I throw off all the crutches in my life and depend solely on Him. No more excuses, no more whining, no more “buts.”

Put down the crutches

and get off your BUT!

It never ceases to amaze or delight me how my God knows my needs before I do and answers them while I’m still speaking. When I prayed for a way to walk closer to Him, He had already made the way. Even more amazing is how He has been molding me over the last few months (years even) so that I could be at this place right now – ready to learn and grow in this unique opportunity.

I could ignore it. My husband will be back in the blink of an eye and he won’t know the difference. But I want him to know a difference. I want the world to know.

Starting today – I walk without relying on the world. I put down the crutches and get things done.

What are the crutches you’re leaning on?

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