Here is the Key

When you find the key then you’ll get it all done. First, you have to find the key.

find the key

I finally know the key to getting it all done. It’s amazing just how simple it is – once you know.

My Journey to Find the Key

It’s been an interesting road getting to this point in my life. I’ve never been much of an organizer, cleaner, or saver. Living for the moment seemed to be my motto for life. In the back of my mind, there was a plan, a big picture, but I never seemed to get anywhere near it.

After marriage, it became ultimately clear just how inept I was at keeping a home. There were a few things I could do – laundry, cooking, and sort of cleaning – the same things that had helped me survive four years off at college. As for keeping a house ship-shape and in running order, I was completely clueless.

It probably doesn’t help matters that the world is yelling at me that the man needs to do his share. It also doesn’t help that I’m about as stubborn as they come and change is the farthest thing from my mind. It most certainly wasn’t a fix to hear my husband tell me just how much better other people could do it. (Okay, maybe it didn’t SAY is, but you know he was thinking it.).

It’s taken many years of trial and error, lots of prayer, and a massive amount of “dying to self,” but this morning I found the answer that I had been searching for. I tried it and was shocked at the ease with which it works. I’ve gotten dishes washed, the refrigerator cleaned, the gardening is done, and most of my work done – and there is still time left in the day.  

It would be easy to leave you here and let you discover the key on your own. It wouldn’t be right, though. The key to getting everything thing done is . . . GET STARTED.

Get started on that diet, right now, this minute. Put this article down and go start supper. Take the time, at this very moment, to clean the family room. Whatever hurdle you are facing, you won’t ever get anywhere if you don’t start. And you won’t start if you don’t start right now.  

Who knew that it would be so easy, once I managed to find the key. 

Did you find your key to getting things done?

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