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The Eating Sin – Praying it Off

The eating sin hinders my blessings in life. It sounds silly, but it’s true. I’m not talking about the basic, help the body run eating. The kind of eating that is my stumbling block it the emotional and spiritual eating.

The Truth of the Eating Sin

  • I eat because I feel fat and I just don’t see the point anymore.
  • I eat because I’ve been working out and I feel good and deserve a break.
  • I eat because there is chocolate cake and it’s just wrong to walk past chocolate cake.
  • I eat because there is only one bite left and one bite won’t really hurt, will it? (I defer to Adam for the answer to that one.)

I have to be purposeful to avoid the eating sin.

Eating to eat is a sin

So if eating too much is a sin and sin blocks my blessings, then my eating is hindering the blessings that God desires for my life. The real painful part is that my eating is also hindering the blessings of my family. You would think that thought alone would be enough to keep my mouth shut. 

Sin has a strong pull though. The worse part of this sin is that the world has so many excuses for me to ignore it.

Trying to Avoid the Eating Sin

  • I am only overweight because of my parents.
  • I am only overweight because of the restaurant industry.
  • I am only overweight because of all the processed foods available.

Where’s my responsibility in my problem?

I need to be called to task about not living a life that reflects positively on my Father. If I were out drinking every other hour, my friends and family would have plenty to say. This eating is just as bad and kills far more in the US.

Today, I’m starting fresh. I’m starting differently. I’m going to WAR!

I’m going to pray my way past gluttony and to a fitter, trimmer life. Breaking the sin will not be easy. I know it doesn’t want to go. But it’s time, and I’m determined to be free.

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