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Making the Kids Lose My Weight

My kids are going to lose my weight for me. The diets haven’t worked. The exercise videos still sit calmly in their wrappers. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s time to make my kids take some action.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ll be doing the hard work; they’ll just be riding around and singing. Think of it as a very slow hay ride – minus the hay. This new regimen will have two focus points. It will get me past the hump of the day (about 4 pm when I start to wear down), and it will give me and my children some fun time.

How My Kids will Lose My Weight

the wagon will lose my weight

Every day, I will take my big garden wagon (which I’m pretty sure weighs a ton) and load my kids in it (which definitely makes it weigh a ton). Then I will haul that wagon and kids around the yard (I measured and it is one-quarter of a mile) two times (for those of you keeping count, that’s a half-mile). Eventually, I will work my way up to a mile. Then after the long haul, and before I collapse from exhaustion, I’ll spend some time with them on the playground – kicking the ball, swinging, or just throwing the Frisbee.

Movement will be the secret way I’ll have the kids lose my weight for me.

Instead of calling it a day and spending the evening propped on the couch, I’ll bring in the twilight with old fashioned fun. We’ve already been doing this all week, and the kids are having a blast. A huge added bonus is that they go to sleep much easier than before – as does mommy.

The Weight Loss Struggles

Not working out is not an option. I have found that if I don’t get up and prepare for the workout, then my “gym” comes to me and asks if it’s time to go for a ride. How do you say no to those sweet little faces? Guilt makes me get up and get going when motivation has long taken the day off. Before long, I’m having more fun than the kids are.

I knew I wanted to get moving again, and I thought I would break down and join a gym. Instead of spending money and taking time away from my family, I’m getting creative. The long haul is not only great cardio but its strength training as well.

Weight Loss Truth

Weight loss is about burning more calories than you take into your body. I’m not counting calories, but I know that by eating only when I’m hungry, stopping before I’m full, and running with my children until we are all ready to collapse will not only make me healthier, but it will make me a better mom to boot.

Choosing to move will be what gets me across the finish line, even if it would be great if the overflowing energy of my kids could be the catalyst to lose my weight.

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  • I always do a lot better when my “exercise” is fun, like hiking or kayaking or whatever, but stuff that I would do anyways even if it wasn’t good for me.

  • What a wonderful idea! I think it’s fantastic to share the exercise with the kids. They are always so full of energy. If we just tap into 25% of their enthusiasm, we are bound to be more active!