Walking on Sonshine

It starts with change. I know that and yesterday I was determined to commit to change for my life AGAIN. Things can only get better when I choose a different path from the one I am already on. God knew it was the perfect moment to shower me with His words of encouragement and affirmation. I was ready.

Celebrate Recovery gives me a boost of energy in the middle of my week. I love the smiles and worship. Last night I went to CR motivated and excited and ready to give some of that energy to everyone that I saw. God had different plans for my night. The things I received at that worship service left me overwhelmed and even more excited. I left CR walking on Sonshine!

Chris was not supposed to speak, but the scheduled speaker had surgery and was not able to attend. The change was not coincidence. The words that poured out from Chris’s heart touched mine and gave me the courage to step out. He reminded me that I am not called to walk alone, and although for me that means that God is with me, last night I also understood that Chris was with me, that the people around me were with me, and that it was time to share with them the journey I was about to take.

“Change!” That was the theme of his talk. It was the same thing I had told myself before walking out of the house to drive to CR. I am not where I want to be. To get to that place I have to be willing to put as much energy into my success as I have been putting into my comfort. I know HOW to get to where I want to be, but I still make the choices that keep me where I am.

Chris did not know my struggle. But Chris listened to God and God knows my struggles. The words he shared were for me, and only me, at that moment. I stepped out and took a blue chip (which signifies I am ready to begin my journey). I am choosing to change and make a life that is better. My blue chip will remind me each moment that every action I take starts with a choice.

What experiences have you had recently that revealed God’s affirmation for your walk?

God does not leave us alone. He does reveal His love to us all day long. Be on the lookout for God’s revelation and then let that revelation be the motivation that drives you to your purpose.

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