Twitter vs Reality

My mom told me that as a child I had a habit of bringing home every stray in my path – and she quickly added that I never outgrew the habit (she was commenting on my taste in guys at the time).

I admit that I made some bad choices along the way which is probably why I had two ex’s stalk me for a time. It still can make my heart sink in my chest when I notice car lights making the same turns that I make. Being followed has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Twitter is slowing changing my tune – not about headlights, but about being followed. I admit that the first few times I received an email that I was being followed that it brought back some bad memories. I’m settling in to Twitter world and learning how to see it as something completely separate from the reality that I’m use to experiencing.

Twitter and the Real World

    In the real world we complain and beg to get the police to stop people from following us.
    In Twitter world we complain and beg to GET people to follow us.

    In the real world conversations last minutes and hours.
    In Twitter world conversations last for 140 characters (or less if you want them to be retweeted).

    In the real world no body is interested in what we are doing from moment to moment including the people that we actually live with us in the home.
    In Twitter world everyone is interested in what everyone is doing every minute of every day.

    In the real world I don’t tell strangers about my personal life.
    In Twitter world there are no strangers.

    In the real world information is processed, edited and released.
    In Twitter world information happens as life happens and let the chips fall where they may.

Twitter is not the real world so it’s okay for you to follow me. But I’m still liable to get nervous when the headlights turn where I turn. Some habits are hard to break.

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