How to Find Your Purpose

Your purpose is unique to you. You were designed for such a time as this to live out your original path. Do you know the purpose behind your creation? Did you even realize there was a purpose? Several years ago, my husband and I waded through “Purpose Driven Life” together. At the end of the book, he sighed, shrugged, and stated, “That’s great, now what?”

My husband wanted to know his purpose and he expected the answer from the book. He then turned on me to me and told me, “You need to write that book.”

I spent the next several years working on a study to help others discover their purpose. I taught the class in church several different times, led some friends through the class, and basically used every one I could to test my ideas for discovering purpose.

The more I talked about purpose and the more I talked with others about their purpose, the more four questions kept coming up. I reviewed all the information I had accumulated and found those four questions showed up there as well.

It came together in “Place in Purpose.” It may not be the answer to all of your questions, but by investing in answering these four questions – why, what, how and when – then you will be closer to walking out your unique design than you were before you started.

Secrets from Place in Purpose

Your purpose can be discovered with the help of the book "Place in Purpose"
  • You have a unique place in this time. No other person can take your place and you are not in a position to take the place of another. Most of the time we get bent out of shape because we are trying to squeeze into the wrong purpose.
  • You are gifted and talented for your purpose – and anything else you need will be provided. You are joining God in His work – but it is HIS work. He will complete what He has started and we are blessed to join Him. He planted in you the gifts and talents He knew you would need for the purpose. He kind of knows what He is doing.
  • You discover peace when you are living out your unique purpose. Storms may come (actually, they WILL come). Others may mock your journey (more likely than not). You will find a new strength and boldness when you walk in your unique design that will help you stand firm against what the world throws at you.
  • You have the key within you. Others can encourage you. Others can motivate you. Others can tell you about their journeys. Only you can take the key and unlock your unique design.

Place in Purpose is the beginning. It starts the process of unlocking your unique design. Each one of us has to discover and unlock our own unique path. It is not the magic bullet or button or bean or whatever shortcut you are hoping to find. It is always up to you to define your path and to walk it out. Place in Purpose will offer some tips and examples for finding and defining your way and it is one more tool for your toolbox that will help you begin your journey.

Will you?

Be Blessed,

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