THEY Have Been Following Me

THEY - a Big Springs novel by Kathryn C Lang

Mystery, suspense, even a little mayhem – those are the elements that intrigued me from my earliest days of storytelling and adventure reading.

The whispers I heard around town only stoked the flames of my imagination.

“Did you hear?” Those words were not the start of gossip for me. They were the beginning of a new adventure I would weave in my own mind.

Over the years, I shared some of these tales with close friends and family. Sometimes I would tell them to complete strangers just to see if I could get someone to believe what I was weaving.

They believed, and when I told them it was something I made up they asked for more.

For me, the greatest story comes from a seed of truth – or maybe it’s the best truths come from a seed of imagination. Either way, I always watch, listen, and take notes. The next adventure might be found in the grocery line while I’m waiting to pay for Thanksgiving.

I first released RUN – an adventure I had been living out in my head for decades – in 2012. It was followed by WATCH. Readers asked about the history of the characters. Their questions made me want to know more.

While writing THEY, I came to appreciate the need C.S. Lewis had to reorder his Chronicles of Narnia. The more THEY became clear, the more I knew it was the first of the Big Spring novels.

In honor of the release of THEY – I will be providing seven days of bonus short stories for those that pre-order a signed copy of THEY.


    Day One – Never at Fault – this is a short story related to the theme of the Big Spring Novels.

    Day Two – Breaking Point – this is a SUPER short story about what can happen when you push someone too far.

    Day Three – The Letter – this short story comes from some real life encounters I had through the years – YES, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    Day Four – Lost – handing out with other writers drums up some interesting tales. This short story came to life as we were chatting about a recent phishing post going around.

    Day Five – Locked Away – this short story is a fun example of what it’s like living in a house full of boys.

    Day Six – Breaking Up – life lessons make the best short stories. This one is taken from a personal experience but has been exaggerated in some areas so that you won’t know you are reading about you.

    Day Seven – Escape – the story of Big Springs will continue. This short story gives some hints about what is to come.

Pre-order your copy now and be sure to include a dedication if you want it to be signed for someone special.

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