Should I Be a Freelance Writer

Building a Successful Career as a Freelance Writer

Developing a freelance writing career starts with an entrepreneurial spirit. Education and even resources can play a part in the journey. Successful entrepreneurs, including successful freelance writers, need to have a persistent determination that will push them over the hurdles that will ultimately come.

Not getting it done can never be an option for the entrepreneur or the freelancer. Some days finding the motivation to get it done can be difficult. Most days finding the focus can seem impossible. Do you have what it takes to get to where you want to be in your writing career.

Questions to Answer about Being a Freelance Writer

    – Do you work well without guidance or accountability? Freelance writing may mean writing for others and often includes deadlines but there will be nobody looking over your shoulder. You will be the only one responsible for getting it done.

    – Do you understand numbers or handle money well? The buck will stop with you when it comes to building a successful writing career. You will have to develop a budget that will keep you moving in a positive direction. Keeping your business out of the red may require that you connect with someone that handles finances for a living.

    – Do you multi-task? As an entrepreneur, there will be a lot of things that need to be done and more often than not they will all need to be done at the same time. You have to juggle the emails, the phone calls, the bill paying and whatever else comes along. There may come a time when your balance and your activities call for an intern or assistant, but in the beginning you will have to be willing to find a way.

    – Do you stay focused or are you easily distracted? There will always be a reason or excuse to put it off. There will always be a squirrel or two to distract you from taking your steps. Building a successful writing career will require that you have the ability to stay focused fairly fast in order to keep your career on track.

Not everyone has the focus or desire to build an entrepreneurial career. Freelance writing is a an entrepreneurial business. Building a successful writing career requires that you treat it with that focus.

How do you answer these questions about being a freelance writer?

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