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Distracted by Silly Nonsense Steals Energy for Better Choices

A to Z Challenge – Day Four

D – Distracted

Getting distracted in all the noise should come as no surprise. Getting distracted by silly nonsense not only steals the energy for better choices but it leaves us wondering why we even allowed the distraction to get a hold in the first place. Be aware of where you are investing your time and be alert to avoid getting distracted by silly nonsense.

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Distracted by Silly Nonsense

I received the invite to the webinar. It popped up in my social media feed and the words in the ad caught my attention. So, maybe it wasn’t an invite, but it looked like an invite and it appeared to be a live interaction with the speaker. I like the live engagement opportunities.

I printed out the worksheet. I cleared my schedule to make way for the unexpected event. I opened up the window early and eagerly awaited the sound of the presentation going live.

It didn’t take long for me to realize it was not live and there would be no engagement. My mouse moved across the screen and a pause button revealed itself. I’ve never attended a live event where you could pause, so I did. It was not what I expected. I closed the screen and went on with my day.

That should have been the end of it. Simply knowing that it wasn’t what I expected it to be should have been enough for me to let it go. Do you notice how I said “should have?”

Closing down that night the paused window showed up again. Apparently, I had only made the window smaller and not closed it like I had planned to do.

My curiosity got the better of me . . . my family didn’t nickname me “Kat” for nothing . . . and I clicked play.

Despite the recognition that it was not live, I still determined to take it seriously. The printout I made earlier sat on my desk. I began working along with the presentation through the printout.

Distractions outside the office door (and by distractions, I mean my sons making more noise than should be expected at that time of night) forced me to miss a few points in the handout. When the distractions (i.e. kids) moved into my office, I remembered the pause button and used it to miss any more points.

Distractions handled, I pushed the play button and returned to the webinar. After the third point that was a repetition of the same ole same ole points about social media, I caught on to what I had done.

I thought the kids were distracting me from the webinar, but in truth, the webinar turned out to be a distraction from my sons.

Something can look good but still be wrong for me. My gut reaction to the webinar was not overly enthusiastic, but I signed up anyway. My response to finding it recorded had me walking away. But the tricky technology hooked me back in with the open tab.

When you want to make the most of what you have then you have to learn to trust your instincts in taking action.

When you want to step into amazing possibilities you have to recognize when things are trying to hold you back (or limit your focus).

When you want to ground yourself so you are positioned to fly you have to stop letting things move you from your position.

I didn’t have to watch the webinar. I let a name distract me. I didn’t have to keep watching. I let a promise override my personal experience.

I made the choice.

No matter what is going on around you, what you let be the focus with either distract from your pursuit or keep you on track.

Be blessed,

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  • I’m a little bit distracted and a little bit determined – and completely in agreement that too much attention to the little stuff can obliterate the big picture.

    Happy A-Z’ing!