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How to Define Agenda to Pursue a Fruitful Life

We are called to live and thrive . . . not merely survive. If you want to live out the fruitful life then you will have to take purposeful steps to get there. It all begins with knowing where you’re going.

The only way you can have all that you need is to know what you need. You will have to have your agenda to know where you are going.

Do you have a plan?

Define agenda for a fruitful life

Having an agenda helped keep actions moving forward and makes room to accomplish your goals and objectives.

You can have that life of peace and overflow if you want it. But you need to know why you are doing what you are doing. Once you know your why you can set the agenda you need to move into your fruitful life.

You need your agenda.

How do you get your agenda set?

  • Start with a focus – your why
  • Add your resources
  • Subtract your limitations
  • Weigh the cost.
  • Finalize your process.

Your agenda will be unique to you.

So will your WHY.

Define Your Why

Developing your unique why may be a little more of a challenge – but it can still be done.

Answer these questions:

  • What drives you? What gives you the motivation to keep going and keep doing? How does that relate to what you want to do in your journey?
  • What makes you unique? What skills, talents, abilities, or education – or combination of these – do you have to work with? How will these apply to what you want to do?
  • What is it that you want to accomplish? What goals have you set? What are your aspirations or dreams? How can you move in their direction?

  • What defines you? What do others say you are good at doing or what do others ask you to do? How can this be woven into the direction you are considering?

Your why doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s why – because you are not like anyone else.

Building up a fruitful life always happens one step at a time. You can’t leapfrog there or teleport there (although it might be fun to try now and then just to see what happens). It takes one determined and purposeful step after the next.

Listen to #GrowingHOPE as we dig in deeper to the idea that it will take an AGENDA to live a Fruitful Life.

Be blessed,

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