Relationship Priorities – One – Me Focus

Relationship Priorities – One – Me Focus

I have to adjust my focus if I want to make way for building and growing my relationships. I need to focus on me – what I am doing and not doing and how to adjust those to a better way.

Relationship Priorities Begin with a Me Focus

I need to focus on me – what I am doing and not doing and how to adjust those to a better way.

    1. Mold Breaking. I have to be willing to accept that all the molds that I have created for all the people in my life are just a waste.

    2. Problem Accepting. I have to recognize my problems so that I can begin to adjust in my journey.

    3. Attitude Adjusting. I have to invest energy and resourcing into personal attitude adjustments.

    4. Thought Capturing. I need to develop the skill of capturing and corralling the thoughts going through my head and then master the art of correcting them before I set them free again.

    5. Word Wielding. I must learn that my words will change me and begin practice using the words for just such an end.

I create a me focus by choosing to look at me with honesty, to fix what I see that is not aligning with my purpose, and then to step into a path that creates ways for me to connect with others and to grow up those connections into foundational relationships.

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