Growing Up a Radical Life – VISUALIZE

When I VISUALIZE a radical life, I begin to live out that radical life. What I see is what I begin to live out. The things that I can invision in my heart and in my mind I can become.

Giving flight to my dreams happens when I feed the heart vision. A radical life does not happen by accident. A radical life will never be easy – simple – but not easy. I have to dig in if I want to take off.

The Right Focus Avoids the Rabbit Hole

VISUALIZE a Radical Life

    1. What do I really want?
    2. What will I give up to get it?
    3. How long will it take?
    4. Can I invest what it will take – time and resources?
    5. Will I keep doing until I get there?

Dreams are just possibilities that have not yet been given wings. When I begin to VISUALIZE my radical life then I will see my dreams take flight.

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