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38 – The Power of Connecting with Growing HOPE and the Quote of the Day

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Quote of the Day

“If you want to build a life of possibility, set a firm foundation of relationships.”

#Quoteoftheday for Oct 15 - connections link your success

Thought of the Day

The Power of Connectivity

There is a reason a three-strand cord can’t be broken. It doesn’t rely on the durability of one. When you stand alone, you can’t watch all sides. You are vulnerable.

When you stand with others, you can help lift each other up, watch each other’s backs, and be the fire that ignites the dreams.

We are designed to be in relationships because we are strong when we go together. Be invested in connectivity so you can grow up the foundational relationships to fuel your possibilities.

Growing HOPE Daily - quote - firm foundation of connections

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Create Connections

Make the intentional choice to create one new connection today.

Challenge - create connections

Scripture Focus

“You are my hope, God. You are my confidence.” – from Psalm 71:5

Scripture Focus - Psalm 71:5

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Find Your Focus

You have to find your focus to stand strong against what comes at you. It will take focus to get through – through the storms, through the opinions of others, through the next step. Find your focus and then hold on tight.

If you need help finding your focus, let’s talk. Visit CoachforFocus.com to learn more or click below to set up your free 30 min jump start call.

find your focus

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

#GrowingHOPE daily - 38 - get connected

38 – Let’s Get Connected

You can’t have the relationships you need if you don’t invest in connecting with the people that will be your foundation.

    It doesn’t have to be a big investment to make a lasting impact. Just be willing to make a little move that create a connection.
    Growing HOPE - five points - get connected

  1. Everywhere you go, look for ways to make friends.
  2. You need to be on the lookout for networking opportunities if you are going to find places to expand your connections.

  3. Be easy to find and connect with to increase the ability to connect.

  4. Take the lead to make the connections happen. When you take the lead for an event or class, the position creates connecting opportunities that might not happen otherwise.

  5. Online, off-line, or across lines, connections enable us to build up the balanced life we want and that we need.

  6. The more opportunities you find to connect the better your foundation will become.

    #GrowingHOPE daily - quote - relationships and connections

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