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Be Hope Intentional to Weather the Storm

Be hope intentional. Find your ways to be purposefully invested in growing hope and courage so that you can withstand the storms.

Things are going to happen and elements will conspire together to try and steal your hope and the hope of those around you. Make it your mission to be invested in growing hope.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

March 20, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Find Your Way To Be Hope Intentional

My husband and I spent a couple of hours watching episodes of Darma and Greg. We laugh out loud when we watch and it leaves us with a smile.

Part of the fun for us comes from the fact that Darma and Greg are so different and yet they work. It’s a reminder that we need to find ways to work even though (and in) our differences.

After the third episode, we checked the news.

It was a bad decision.

Although we are stuck where we are, and there is little to nothing we can do about everything else, the news reminded us the whole world was turning upside down. All of the smiles and laughter almost evaporated amidst the woe, worry, and turmoil.


We parted to our designated workspaces to get things done, but one of us invaded the other’s space to annoy or to ask a question (depending on who is telling the story). Some wordplay followed. More laughter ensued. Hope continued to grow.

It doesn’t take big things to create the hope. Little bits of light and little bits of fun can be all you need to sow hope, and hope will take off once it’s sown. Soon you will be harvesting all sorts of possibilities.

When things around you are a bit unbalanced, hold to your balance by finding ways you can be hope intentional.

How to Be Hope Intentional

Circumstances will not always be good and positive. Storms will show up. People always manage to find a way to make things crazy. It is up to you to be hope intentional when the doomsday cries begin.

  • Look to the past. If you are streaming shows, why not find some that are family-friendly and watch together.
  • Never underestimate the sun. When the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, get in its rays. Even 15 minutes of direct exposure to the sun to your skin will boost your Vitamin D production which is great for your mood and for your health.
  • Click through the negatives. Everyone is taking to social media right now. There will be plenty of propaganda stories, bad stories, and wrong stories. Hide them, scroll on, or find more pictures of funny kitties.

You have to be hope intentional if you are going to grow up hope in these tough times.

Remember, tough times never last. You will get through. You will find a way. You will experience tomorrow. Keep your eyes on hope and keep your heart growing hope and you will find hope makes it easier to get through.

How are you investing in hope?

Be Hope Intentional

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - be hope intentional

Be Hope Intentional

Look to the past.
Find the sun.
Click through the negatives.

Hope grows up from the smallest spark. Be the spark for others. Find the spark around you. Make the choices to be hope intentional in all you do.

Quote of the Day

“Trust in the ability to believe the possibilities of the heart even beyond the limits of the eyes.” – Kathryn Lang

Believe more than you can see because there is more there than you can imagine. Your ability to believe will greatly determine the opportunities you will unlock.

#QuoteofotheDay - beyond the limits of the eyes

What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 20
Philippians 1 – 2
Revelations 7 – 8
Luke 13 – 15

Scripture Focus - Philippians 2:13

Scripture Focus:

“It is God which works in you both to will and to do HIS good pleasure.” – Philippians 2:13

Ponder Point:

It is God. When you begin to fully grasp this understanding then you create a firm foundation for standing against the storms.

Share Moment:

What are you still attempting to control?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

In the story of the two sons – often called the Prodigal Son – the father rushes out to the son that left, and the older son gets angry. What is often missed is that the father also went out to the older son.
God is with us – whether we stayed and worked or got lost in our journey. If we get too focused on what is going on in the other person’s life, we often miss God right beside us.

Where has your focus been in the last few days?

Bible Study Question - god is with us

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