Pursue Writing Dreams

“Do not wait on your dreams. Be bold in the pursuit of doing the things you want to do. Waiting until tomorrow means never getting there!”

I wrote these words on a website in response to the release of my new eBook, “Problems to Proverbs,” which launches December 15th. It can be easy sometimes to get distracted by the mirage of a course planned for another person.

Seven months ago I made a plan for my writing. The path was clear. The tools were in place to complete the task. The still, small voice inside my heart was excited about the focus I had and the actions that were coming from the focus. The next few weeks were concentrated on doing what needed to be done.

Things were moving along at a good pace when I hit my wall. The timing could not have been better as far as I was concerned. It was the very weekend that I was to attend the Southern Christian Writers Conference in Tuscaloosa. The talks, sessions and people have a way of feeding my inspiration. It would be good to get some rejuvenation from other writers just as my own energy was slowing down.

The conference gave me so many ideas. The editors and agents encouraged me. Even the troubles that hit back at home were not enough to dim my flame. I was inspired but the inspiration soon led to distraction. It is funny to me how something that looks so good through the eyes of others can be so wrong for my personal walk.

The days and the months slipped past. I forgot where I had even been heading originally. I was still doing, but I was no longer doing that thing that had ignited my dream and focus and pushed me into action just days before. I was in a ditch and the struggles that I now faced all came about simply because I took my eyes off my own path.

The path to my writing destination is still there. I have just allowed the debris of distraction, procrastination and doubt to cover up where I need to be going. The darkness of fear has made it even more difficult to see the steps in front of me. But I see. With each step the way becomes more familiar and the path more discernable.

Do not wait on your dreams. Pursue your passion with boldness.

“Problems to Proverbs” is the 70 page eBook that offers 8 traits from Proverbs and provides you with steps to develop those traits in your own life. The eBook is on sale for the launch day only at 50% off.

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  • My writing career has been filled with twists and turns and it’s easy to lose sight of where you want to go. That happens to me and when it does, it’s usually because I need the money for something. Unfortunately where I want to go doesn’t have a fairly immediate pay off and it can be hard to find balance.

    • It can also be scary – ESPECIALLY when finances come into play. I have found that the secret is in the focus. If I focus on the dollars then I tend to be disappointed every time. If I focus on my passion and helping those around me then I have joy and the rest will find a way.

  • Kathryn
    Saw your post over at the other Katherine’s site. Had to come check yours out. Great inspirational testimony for writinig! I’ll be following along.