Patience is a Virtue

The results were not as planned or at least not on time according to the plan. It is frustrating when you do what you know to do and it seems that nothing changes.

Here is the secret that most of us miss. It just does not matter. My plans are not the ultimate measuring stick. My time line does not control actual time. The things that are going to happen are directed by God, not me (just do NOT tell my husband I said that).

Getting Past the Plan

    1.My view is not the only view. Before I let my limited sight wreck my positive thoughts, I will choose to wait and to trust.

    2.Prayer support is not just words. I called in my prayer warriors. I asked them to agree with me on certain things. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. Trust the prayer over reality every time.

    3.There is more to what is going on than my eyes can ever see. Imagine how boring the world would be if everything was limited just to what the physical eye could see.

Things are tough right now. The plan I put in place was suppose to be the relief valve. It turns out that how I saw the picture and how the picture actually looks is not quite the same.

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